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Jr Tigers Take Up Arms In Victory Over Rebels

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Pictured is Dakota Langford and Peyton Martin

Basketball season is closing quickly and every game is being treated as what could be the last. There is no exception for the Mansfield Jr Tigers as they continue to aim to play a better game each week. Instead of a rush mentality though, Mansfield is slowing things down and taking it easy, and soaking in the close of the season. The Tigers played the Eagles on their long drive to Coal Hill on Friday, January 29th and they chose to “Take It To The Limit” against the JC Westside Rebels in a 34-24 win.

Travis Tobey

The Jr Tigers played cat and mouse with JC Westside in the first half allowing the Rebels to stay in the game for an upset. The Tigers and Rebels fired back and forth at each other closing the 1st quarter with a tie and going into half with the Tigers only up by one point at a 12-11 score. If you’re a Mansfield Jr Tiger basketball fan then you know that getting splinters in your rear from sitting on the edge of the bleachers the first half is common. But in the second half, that’s when the Tigers tend to explode the boards. It was no different against JC Westside. Mansfield got hot, hot, hot and lit every fuse the Rebels had as they jumped to a 25-15 lead at the end of the 3rd quarter. The 4th quarter was more of the same as the Tigers would score another 9 points on the Rebels to close out the game with a 34-24 victory.

Tyler Turnipseed

“Mr. Do It All” Tyler Turnipseed scored every way possible in the game as he hit free throws, jump shots, layups, and sank a three for a total of 8 points in the game. Peyton Martin was clutch for the Tigers at the free-throw line and drilled a 3 pointer from the perimeter to put up 8 points as well. Dakota Langford dominated the backboards reigning in offensive and defensive rebounds over the Rebels while also putting up 8 points. Travis Toby was the solid player he’s been known to be on both sides of the court and also scored…….you guessed it, 8 points. To round out the scoring, Zach Hayslip was able to score 2 points in the game but was more valuable as a rebound and deflection weapon.

Zach Hayslip

The Jr Tigers now sit at 7-6 overall and 4-1 in conference play. Their season isn’t over though. Not by a long shot. So long as there is a team on the schedule, the Jr Tigers will not quit giving it all they have. Next up is the Magazine Rattlers on Tuesday, February 2nd at The Jungle in Mansfield.

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