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Lady Bulldogs Bid Farewell To Epic Season

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It’s time for the Waldron Lady Bulldogs to say good-bye. But this is not a sad occasion. In fact, there is nothing to be sad about at all. The Lady Bulldogs have pushed themselves over the edge of any limits they had while also surpassing every goal that was set in place. After giving it their best shot, Waldron fell from Regionals on May 2 in the first round. The Lady Bulldogs played against the undefeated Rose Bud Lady Ramblers and ended with a final score of 12-0.

Ashtyn Moore

Saige Mahar earned one hit and two putouts. Taylor Stacy scored one steal and two putouts. Mackinzie Callahan grabbed one putout. Rheagan Sanford netted two putouts and one assist. Ashtyn Moore secured two putouts. Bayleigh Lipham brought in one putout. Whitney Richmond snagged one putout. Jayden Manning landed one putout and one assist. And pitcher Ashton Young threw out 90 pitches to 33 batters.

Rheagan Sanford and Whitney Richmond

The Lady Bulldogs have spent the season breaking down barriers and finding a newfound sense of confidence not previously seen in past years. Waldron started with a roster of 26 at the beginning of summer. Once everything was said and done, the Lady Bulldogs stood fiercely with 14 girls ready to take on the season. And boy did they. When at times things seemed unbearable and it looked as though the Lady Bulldogs had zero chance to succeed, the girls pulled from deep within and rose up to the challenge every time.

Mackinzie Callahan

Waldron ends their season sitting higher than they have in years. With a total play record of 13-11 and a conference record of 8-2, the Lady Bulldogs are not walking away disappointed. They leave the year with some positive totals: 176 runs, 193 hits, 126 RBI, 88 steals, 412 POS, 159 assists, 42 doubles, 1 triple, and 1 home run. Coach Bailey Moore had this to say about her Lady Bulldogs, “I hope this season was an eye-opener to the girls as to what they can accomplish when they set their mind to it. I can’t wait to see them continue to RISE UP!”

Ashton Young
Taylor Stacy
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