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Lavaca Fifth Grader Named Baskin-Robbins “Pint-Sized Hero”

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Here at Baskin-Robbins, we’re starting off 2021 on a sweet note with our eighth Pint-Sized Hero to date: 11-year-old Willow Herrera from Lavaca, Arkansas. Willow joins a cohort of young philanthropists who are using their passion and creativity to impact their communities for the better.

At just five years old, Willow discovered her love for cooking while learning to make jams, and bake cakes and pies with her grandmother. By the time she was eight, family friends began telling Willow her jams were so good that she should start selling them – and Willow did just that, but for a good cause.

Inspired by seeing her grandfather and others in the community donate to kids in need during the holidays, Willow began saving all her jam earnings to donate to children’s hospitals and local charities that give back to kids who need it most. Having sold over 250 containers of jam to date, Willow has brightened the holidays for local kids for the past two years and was even able to purchase and donate nearly 1,000 toys with her earnings this past holiday season. 

We’re honored to be recognizing Willow and the work she has done in her community. As a thank you for all of her efforts and to acknowledge her heartwarming mission, Willow will receive free ice cream for a year! The Baskin-Robbins Joy in Childhood Foundation is also paying her good deeds forward with a $5,000 donation to the charity of her choice, Memorial Hermann Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas.

When Willow isn’t giving back or baking for her family, she enjoys practicing her archery skills and riding her four-wheeler. When she grows up, Willow wants to be a pediatrician and to continue using her skills in the kitchen to be a professional baker. With her year of free ice cream, she plans to indulge in her favorite flavor, World Class® Chocolate.

For more information on the Pint-Sized Heroes initiative and to recognize a pint-sized hero in your community visit www.pintsizedheroes.com. You can also support the program by donating to the Pint-Sized Heroes Fund at www.joyinchildhoodfoundation.org/baskin-robbins-pint-sized-heroes

Follow our heroes’ journeys on Facebook (www.facebook.com/BaskinRobbins), Twitter (www.twitter.com/BaskinRobbins) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/BaskinRobbins).

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About Baskin-Robbins “Pint Sized Heroes”:
Across America, there are young people making big differences in their communities, proving that you don’t have to be grown-up to step up. They’re care package creators. Face-shield developers. Even art auctioneers raising money for a good cause. They’re what we call Pint-Sized Heroes.

Baskin-Robbins is committed to shining a bright light on the incredible acts of kindness of Pint-Sized Heroes nationwide. To recognize and support each Pint-Sized Hero’s efforts, the Baskin-Robbins Joy in Childhood Foundation is making a monetary donation in each hero’s name to a local charity of their choice. We’re also celebrating our Pint-Sized Heroes with ice cream as a sweet “thank you.”

Together, we can all honor these amazing kids and the great work they do. We’re inspired to step up and make an impact in the communities we serve. We hope you’ll be inspired to contribute in ways big, small, or pint-sized, too.

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