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Lawmakers Speak at Mayor’s Community Coffee

State Representative Marcus Richmond and Senator Terry Rice were on hand to speak at Waldron Mayor David Millard’s Community Coffee. The event is held monthly at Dalton’s Place.

Millard introduced both stating, “they do an awesome job for our area!”

District 21 Representative Marcus Richmond, who grew up in the area and attended Waldron Schools, admitted that although his military career took him all over the world, he wanted to come back home to Scott County. “When you drive down the road in this part of the country, people will wave at you…people are happy to see you! Here, God is still important and talked about in the community. That’s how I wanted to raise my kids,” stated Richmond.

Richmond went on to inform those in attendance about the legislative session, which he described as “significant.” One piece of legislation in particular was the highway funding bill. Richmond described the bill as a “good compromise.” The compromise included an increased fuel tax as well as funding from the state’s general revenue. “It’s not always what you want,” stated Richmond. “It’s what you can pass and sometimes that’s a compromise.”

Richmond also spoke on the internet sales tax, which he stated “leveled the playing field for local businesses.” He summed the session, stating that throughout this legislation period they were able to solve some problems. Yet, as he said, they continue to face others. One of those is healthcare for the elderly, children and disabled. “We’re changing rules in the middle of the game and it affects people who live here… To me, it’s the same thing as breaking a promise. It looks like we are going to get some people to address this issue and make it better. Change, it takes time.”

Hometown Senator for District 9 and business man, Terry Rice, followed up by noting Richmond’s strong record and reputation in Little Rock. Rice spoke on the push for juvenile justice reform. “It’s critical that we do the right thing for the children,” stated Rice, noting that they have made a lot of headway in the last two session on juvenile justice reform.

Additionally, Rice spoke about the homestead tax relief, and the four T’s, teacher pay, transportation, tax cut and transformation. Lastly, the push for rural broadband, and address issues with Arkansas Works.

“I hold government and officials accountable…we need to keep our promises.” stated Rice. “Our seniors need to be taken care of.”

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