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LL Tigers Set Pirates Sail Ablaze

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Pictured is #34 Dawson Robinson

The Mansfield Little League football teams took a trip up north on Saturday, September 14th to face the Greenland Pirates. With Greenland being one of the WCFLs new teams this season coupled with having a bye week in week one of the season, very little was known about the Pirates. That didn’t matter much to the Tigers though as they took Greenland to school on the scoreboard shutting out the Pirates for a two-game total of 50-0.

# 30 Colton Moore

The 3rd and 4th grade game was quick to get fans on their feet right out of the gate. Quarterback, Colton Moore, got the high-speed momentum going with a perfect throw to Hunter Whittaker who ignited the field with a 27-yard run. After Colton Nelson helped moved the ball downfield with his 23-yard run, Moore plowed into the endzone for the first Tigers touchdown. With the added two-point conversion, the score was set to 8-0 Mansfield. Shortly before the half, Deshaun Collins was swift with a fumble recovery on defense and with Brennan Neel’s 28-yard touchdown run along with Moore’s extra two-point conversion, the scoreboard read 16-0 Mansfield.

#25 Hunter Whittaker

Defensively, Michael Carter came out of nowhere with his tackles like a silent killer while offensively, Whittaker made sure to upgrade the score to 22-0 with a 25-yard run for a touchdown. With Moore’s added two points, the game went into halftime 24-0 Tigers. The second half of the game slowed down a bit but the Tigers dedication and determination never changed. Layton Pyles, Landon Irvin, and Raihan Islam were fine-tuned in their skills while helping to keep the Pirates off the board with their flawless tackles and fast as lightning speed. The 3rd and 4th grade Mansfield Tigers ended the game victoriously with a final score of 24-0.

#1 Cooper Edwards

The Tigers 5th and 6th grade started off a little slow, but it was their conditioning that wore the Pirates down in the second half of the game giving them the 26-0 victory. With Mansfield starting off the game playing hot potato with Greenland, the Tigers fumbled the ball on a big run allowing the Pirates to gain possession. But on Greenland’s first offensive snap, the Mansfield defense repaid the Pirates by striking repeatedly with a fierce demeanor. Dawson Robinson rounded the corner on a blitz and exploded into the Pirates quarterback causing a fumble with Alex Hecox coming up like a ninja with the recovery. Robinson then took a handoff from Cooper Edwards and proceeded to scream downfield for the Tigers first score of the game.

#35 Alex Hecox

Hecox, Junior Cash, James Bausley, and Dominic Shores kept Greenland at bay forcing fumbles and putting pressure on the Pirates backs all night. To close the game out in with a highlight, Edwards dropped back passing over the heads of Greenland’s giant defenders to hit Ethan Martin for the Tigers final score of the night ending the game with a 26-0 Tiger final. Although both Mansfield teams are undefeated, they know that every week is a new week with new challenges. The Tigers will hit the road again on Saturday, September 21 as they head to Magazine to take on the undefeated Rattlers starting at 6 p.m.

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