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Mansfield Officer Receives Lifesaving Award

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The Mansfield City Council met in regular session on Thursday evening, September 17 at city hall. The meeting was called to order at 6 p.m. Council members present were: Jan Carlton, Dave Johnson, Beverly Lyons, Rick McDaniel, and Sheri Hopkins. Council woman Julie Thomas arrived at 6:10 p.m. Also present, City Recorder/Treasurer Becky Walker and Mayor Buddy Black.

After approving the minutes and financials from the previous meeting, the council heard the city services reports.

The public works report included: 162 work orders, four water leaks, assistance with traffic control during high water, and work with engineers and contractors.

Fire Chief Michael Smith reported a total of 20 calls, six fire and 14 EMS. Smith assisted Officer White in the Scott County swift water rescue near Elm Park, and provided traffic control on Highway 71 when water covered the roadway. Lastly, the department has been working home sporting events at the high school.

Police Chief Wayne Robb reported that the department received a total of 44 calls, and had 22 agency assists. There were a total of 17 incident/arrest reports, three accident reports, 168 traffic stops, issued 133 warnings, 28 citations in Scott County and 13 in Sebastian County. The department executed one felony warrant in Scott County, and two felony and four misdemeanor warrants in Sebastian County. There were a total of 11 animal calls for the month.

Mayor Buddy Black presented Officer Sean White with a “Lifesaving Award.” White was given the award following his actions, which ultimately led to the swift water rescue of a Scott County woman. Flood victim, Beverly Bonds, stated that White was her “knight in shining armor.” White responded that he was “just in the right place at the right time.”

In items of unfinished business, the council took action on a new dog ordinance. Ordinance number 2020-3 repealed and replaced ordinances 92-1, 95-2, and 2007-3. The council had reviewed the proposed ordinance in a recent study session and voted unanimously on Thursday to approve it. Ordinance 2020-3 regulates licensing, housing and maintenance of animals, animal noise, ownership and maintenance of dangerous and/or vicious animals within the City of Mansfield. A copy of the ordinance in its entirety will be available at city hall.

In items of new business, the council approved the proposal from Black to install an electric gate at the waste water plant. The estimated project cost is $9,849.68. The city will be responsible for providing the 110v electricity to the operator pad.

Next, the council heard from Mansfield resident Kari Dickinson. The council approved the proposal for Dickinson to design and maintain a City of Mansfield website. The city will pay Dickinson $200 to set up the website and will pay her monthly at a rate to be determined.

Mayor Black read resolution 2020-4: a resolution by the City of Mansfield supporting the house joint resolution 1018 of 2019 (HJR 1018 of 2019,) proposing an amendment to the Arkansas Constitution to continue a levy of a 1/2 percent sales and use tax for state highways and bridges; county roads, bridges and other surface transportation; and city streets, bridges, and other surface transportation after the retirement of the bonds authorized in Arkansas Constitution, Amendment 91, as special revenue to be distributed under the Arkansas Highway Revenue Distribution Law. The council voted unanimously to to support the legal proposals found in HJR 1018 of 2019, as well as its adoption by the people of the State of Arkansas at the next general election.

Next, the council voted unanimously to approve Resolution 2020-5, calling on Congress to allocate fair and direct federal support to all of America’s communities, regardless of population and size. Furthermore, it called on funding for expenses incurred by communities in response to the pandemic emergency. The resolution declared that “Mansfield has been part of the emergency response and now calls on Congress to build a united national partnership for a safe, healthy, prosperous life.”

Ordinance 2020-4, a continuance of property assessments in the city, was read and approved unanimously by the council. The ordinance is to continue assessments for property located in the City of Mansfield.

In the last two items of business, the council voted unanimously to eliminate employee comp time and return to regular overtime pay, and to revise the personnel policy manual.

In closing remarks, Mayor Black asked that everyone please respond to the census. With no other items of business, the meeting of the Mansfield City Council was adjourned.

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