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Mansfield PD Investigating Multiple Break-Ins

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By Tammy Moore Teague
Five break-ins have occurred over the past few months within the City of Mansfield. Details of these crimes, however, have not been released as the police department continues their open investigation.
The former Martin Funeral Home, located on Grove Street, is the most recent in the string of burglaries. Concerned citizen and neighbor to the residence, Evelyn Bise stated this incident brought back emotions of when her own home was broken into years ago in California. “It hurt my heart for this family, and it brought back those emotions of feeling violated that someone went through your personal belongings.” Bise added,Now this isn’t just a house, it is a historic home in this town as many of the houses up here on the hill are. ‘The Martin House’ was converted 27 plus years ago to a family home. Still housing many of the treasures of years gone by, it has been broken into by vandals. Rummaging through personal belongings is a true violation of privacy and it shows no sense of respect to others. This is alarming to many of us. However, precautions are being taken to attempt to prevent some of this lack of respect and dishonesty. I have lived beside this house for 18 years and have marveled at its beauty and history. Am I alarmed by the break-in? YES! Then on Friday night as I browse Facebook I see yet another family in town the victim of a break-in where the family dog was allowed to escape. I don’t have the details of that, but my sympathy goes out to that family as well.”
That break-in occurred in the center of town, about three blocks from the police department, in the daytime. The would-be burglar was scared off by the family’s dog. “They didn’t take anything,” said homeowner Ronnie Bell. Bell and his wife have lived there nine years, and this has left them shaken. Loosing their dog, Kozzie, has been difficult as well. “Our 14 year old dog, Kozzie, protected our home, and stopped the thief from taking a single item, but we’d rather have Kozzie than anything in the house. The intruder left our two gates open and our dog is now missing. He cannot hear unless there is a really loud sound near him. We are praying for his safe return home soon!” 
Two homes near the old Dixie Theater and one near Tiger Trail Road have also been broken into. It remains unclear if this series of home invasions are connected. Business owners and homeowners are asked to be vigilant. Bise advised, “we as a community need to stay alert to our surroundings, report suspicious activities and pray our law enforcement officers are diligent in their investigation and can identify and prosecute those responsible.”

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Tammy Teague
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