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Post-Election Coverage: Mayor-Elect Buddy Black

By Tammy Moore Teague
Mansfield Mayor Elect, Buddy Black, will take office the first of the year, but he is already setting goals and priorities. His first order of business is to familiarize himself with the budget. He plans to work jointly with current Mayor Mike Gipson over the next few months.
“Buddy loves the town,” said Gipson. “You have to love what you do, Buddy’s got this!” Gipson advised Black of the outstanding assistance that he’s received from others in the city. “They are willing to help in any way,” he commented. Adding, “I want to help too, he can call me anytime.”
Besides familiarizing himself with the budget, Black wishes to field ideas from the community and get city-wide feedback. “It’s not my office,” Black stated. “It belongs to the citizens of Mansfield. I’ll be there to execute those duties of the office of mayor, but I’m a servant to the people. I welcome people to come in my office, and to city hall.”
Additionally, Black plans to continue the community relations effort that Gipson has instituted. “We both feel the same way about the City of Mansfield,” stated Gipson. “We have a heart for the city.” Black agreed, stating, “I’m going to build on what Mike has already started.”

From left: City Recorder/Treasurer Becky Walker, Buddy Black Mayor-Elect, and Mayor Mike Gipson.

Black stated he is looking forward to working with the city council members. “We have got a great city council and I’m looking forward to working with them. I know each and every one of them and I really like them. I look forward to making Mansfield an even better place to live and work.”
Regardless of your vote, Black encourages everyone to have a willingness to come together and work for the good of the city. “I’m here for the people, I’m here to help them. We are going to look forward and not look back.”
He added a note of thanks to those who supported him and to those who helped with his campaign. “Some people campaigned tirelessly for me. It is an honor to be elected Mayor of the City of Mansfield.”

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Tammy Teague
Tammy Teague
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