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Rattler Basketball Is Refocused And Ready To Strike

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“After winning only five games last season, we are looking to make a run for the conference championship this year,” explains head snake charmer, Buck Chappell. “We are a young team with only three seniors but where we lack in numbers we make up for with a great work ethic and a willingness to put in the extra time needed.”

Magazine sits in a heavy and talented 2A-4 conference division with teams from Danville, Hackett, Hector, Lavaca, Mountainburg, and JC Westside. The Rattlers might have struggled last year but this season they are ready for basketball redemption. “With only four boys in the off-season, the majority of the team is still competing in football so it will take us a few weeks to get out basketball legs back under us. The good news is that should be just about the right time for conference games to start.”

The following players will be showcasing the Sr High Rattler roster this season. Cameron Raggio stands at 6’6″ and will be a force at the post this season. “Cameron can finish in the paint and handle the ball well considering his size. Cameron has a work ethic like none other. He has no problem putting in the extra time day in and day out to work on his shooting and footwork.”

Kaedon Trejo is 5’6″ and is unhesitating at guard. “With great ball-handling abilities, he has mastered the long-distance shot. Kaedon is a fierce defender that will cause turnovers at any given moment.” Josh Brackett comes in at 5’7″ and is a strong guard. “Another skillful ball-handler, Brackett also is backed by great speed. Josh can shoot the 3-point shot and penetrates to the basket well.”

Senior Jack Kirbo stands at 5’10″ and can maneuver the ball well and is able to easily spot open teammates. “Jack is a leader on the floor and I will look for him to do incredible things this season.” Tatum Scott is a 6’0″ junior who excels in every sport he approaches. “Tatum can get it done on the outside and plays the small post position when he’s asked to. Tatum is an unstoppable player who guides his teammates and plays excellent defense.”

Ashton Droemer is a 5’8″ sophomore who led the junior high team in many categories last season. “As a point-guard, Droemer had the most rebounds. He is a great athlete and works unbelievably hard on the court.” Brady Watson is a junior post with a height of 6’4″. “Brady has worked hard in the off-season and will see more time on the floor as a result of that. Brady’s shot has improved tremendously and his size has given him the rebound advantage.”

Jacob Hall stands at 6’2″ and is a senior. “Jacob can play as a guard or post but will spend most of his time around the rim. He has a nice mid-range shot and can successfully finish around the basket.” Nate Bryan is a junior and stands at 5’4″. “Nate might be the shortest player on the team but his height doesn’t weaken his play. “Nate will penetrate when he can and his jump shots have been falling more consistently as of late. Nate is a sound defender and makes it tough on any opponent he comes across.”

William King is a 6’1″ junior. “King is a wider bodied player which helps when it comes to finishing around the basket. William has a good shooting percentage with the ball finding its way in the hole almost every time he releases.” Ethan Staton is a 6’0″ junior. “Ethan has worked very hard in the off-season and has developed a good shot throughout. He is an asset to this team that I know I can rely on.”

Sophomore Reese Nietert stands at 5’10″. “Reese has very good court skills and has worked on his penetrating jump shot during the off-season. Reese can handle the ball well and shoots the mid-range shot with high accuracy.” And Hayden Littleton is a 5’10″ sophomore. “This is only Hayden’s second year to play but he worked his way into a starting role last season with the junior high team. Hayden is raw in experience but he is always working on his shot to make himself a better player.”

Coach Chappell finishes by saying, “This team has a high basketball I.Q. with an eagerness to keep learning. I am looking forward to this season and to watch this team magnify as we work our way forward into the District Tournament.”

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