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Resolution Clarifying Gun Rights Passes Senate

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On Tuesday, March 26, the Arkansas Senate passed Resolution SR18, which serves to clarify gun rights in the state.

Recently, the House of Representatives passed an identical measure, HR1013. -See related story

Both resolutions reference the Arkansas Court of Appeals case, Taff vs. the State of Arkansas and underscores the rights of gun owners to carry Constitutionally, either openly or concealed, without a permit.

Senator Scott Flippo introduced the resolution. Flippo serves Arkansas District 17 in the northern counties of Baxter, Boone, and Marion.

Twenty-four members of the Senate voted for the resolution, five voted against it and six were non votes.


Proponents backing the bill say this now gives Attorney General Leslie Rutledge the legislative clarity she said was needed.

-See SR18 in its entirety.

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