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Sr Hornets Prove Successful With First Year Coaching Staff


The Hackett Sr High Hornets proved this 2019-2020 football season that no matter what changes are made to their program, they will accept the challenge and rise to the top. The Hornets saw a complete change to their coaching staff as they welcomed head coach, Michael Meador, and assistant coaches Jordan Shelby, Ryan Pointer, and Stephen McMurray. Their new coaching styles coupled with an anxious football team made for the perfect recipe as the Hornets saw themselves in the first round of State Playoffs and an 8-3 record in total season play.

Valdemar Kokkedal, Alec Janni, Trevor Woody, and Briar Goines

Hackett ended 4-1 in conference play with their only loss coming from their match against Magazine. Although the Hornets would have liked to move past the first round of playoffs where they lost 34-6 to Dierks, they still delivered a top-notch performance. Offensively, Westin Winters made 13 carries for 34 yards, Peyton Hester caught five receptions for 69 yards, and Fischer Shipman grabbed 11 carries also earning the Hornets lone touchdown of the night.

Fischer Shipman

Defensively, Winters made 14 solo tackles and four assists, Shipman spearheaded seven solos and six assists, Hester delivered 15 solo tackles with eight assists, and Mason Oelke served up five solos and six assists. The Hackett Hornets will sadly be saying good-bye to six seniors, Jhonny Aguilar, Dylan Kats, Trevor Woody, Alec Janni, Briar Goines, and Valdemar Kokkedal. When all was said and done, the Hackett Hornets have plenty to be proud of. The entire team worked together to push one another to greatness while earning the respect of those around them.

Final season totals are as follows:

Avery Hester- 76 rushes, 481 yards, 10 TDS, 56 for 112, 1396 yards, and 16 touchdowns. Weston Winters- 157 rushes, 872 yards, 10 TDS, 65 solo tackles, and 28 assists. Fischer Shipman- 47 carries, 222 yards, with 1 TD, 16 receptions, 343 yards, with 5 TDS, 54 solos, 33 assists, and 5 tackles for a loss. Jhonny Aguilar- 2 rushes, 1 yard, and 1 TD. Dylan Kats- 17 receptions, 380 yards, and 2 TDS. Peyton Hester- 31 catches, 696 yards, 6 TDS, 97 solos, 47 assists, and 4 TFL.

Cogan Hester- 12 catches, 247 yards, and 5 TDS. Briar Goines- 9 pancake blocks. Isaiah Carter- 12 pancake blocks. Trevor Woody- 8 pancake blocks. Ty Smith- 37 solos, 29 assists, 3 TFL, and 4 sacks. Jesse Esparaza- 36 solos, 24 assists, and 4 TFL. Mason Oelke- 34 solos and 24 assists. Briar Goines- 22 solos and 14 assists. And Ethan Slavens- 21 solos, 24 assists, and 3 interceptions. 

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