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Sr Lady Rattlers Were All Fangs In 2020-21 Season

The 2020-2021 basketball season for the Magazine Lady Rattlers was a bitter-sweet one. After finishing the season with a 9-8 regular play record, the Lady Rattlers continued flying high as they made it to the first round of Regional play to face Cotter. “The girls were excited for the opportunity to play in the Regional Tournament. I thought we came out a little tight early and tried to force a few things and dug a hole against a Cotter team that we couldn’t come back from,” explained Coach Loyd. Although the girls took a loss to the Lady Warriors, the real sadness came when they had to say goodbye to long-time coach, Randy Loyd. Coach Loyd spent 28 years in coaching making an impact on every student-athlete that he came into contact with.

Former Lady Rattlers gifting Coach Loyd with signed basketballs

Former and current players recognized Coach Loyd after their final basketball game of the season. One player stated, “It was such an honor getting to recognize Coach Loyd for all of his hard work! 28 years of coaching talented athletes and then getting to coach their kids. You made an impact on us all!” Coach Loyd followed by saying, “This season’s group has been a pleasure to work with. They have matured so much and are a tight group. They played hard every game from the start to the finish no matter the score and that’s ultimately all you can ask for!”

Raymie Davis

Final season stats are as follows: Most steals was Jordyn Krigbaum with 26. Most Rebounds was Kylie Robinson with 130 as well as 6.8 RPG. Best FG% was Kiara Vasquez with a 45% and 85/199. Best 3 point FG% was Kylie Robinson at 28.6% and 36/126. Most assists was Raymie Davis with 69. Best Free Throw % was Kylie Robinson with 75.5% and 75/98. The most hustle went to Carlee Parrish. And making 2A-4 All-Conference was Kiara Vasquez, Jordan Krigbaum, and Kylie Robinson. The Lady Rattlers will be saying audios to 4 seniors, Kiara Vasquez, Carlee Parrish, Jordyn Krigbaum, and Raymie Davis.

Kiara Vasquez

Playing basketball since pre-k is straight shooter, Kiara Vasquez. “I was super excited to have made it to Regionals but also really nervous because I wanted the team to play well. My favorite game was our Senior Night against Lavaca. It was the first game we played working together as a team and we had so much fun! I’m really going to miss the friendships and memories I made with my team and coaches. After I graduate high school, I plan to continue playing basketball and study Psychology. Right now, I’m in contact with 2 colleges that are interested in me playing college ball.”

Jordyn Krigbaum

“Going into the Cotter game, we all felt confident,” explained spunky and spirited, Jordyn Krigbaum. “But as the game progressed, we seniors knew it was gonna be the last time we hit the court together. I am thankful we ended our season at our home court. It also makes my team feel better about losing to the Regional Champions. One of my favorite highlights from this season was the first game we played against Lavaca. I think we all played very well together as a team that night. Then when we went to UCA, we had 5 players score in double digits which was a great feeling for our team! And finally, the win we got in the first round of Districts that got us into Regionals. I think we all had smiles on our faces the whole time and that game was just fun overall!”

Carlee Parrish and Raymie Davis with Coach Loyd

Jordyn has been playing ball since she was 3 years old. “My dad actually has been a huge impact on my basketball career. He coached my first couple of years in Little League which will always be a great memory for me. He’s always been there to support me and I appreciate that more than he will ever know! I love the environment around basketball. I’m gonna miss after-school practices and goofing off with the basketball girls. After a huge win, Coach Loyd would let us sit in the film room, and watch film while eating popcorn and having a coke. Coach Loyd has been my coach since the 7th grade. Not only was this my last year playing, but it was his last year coaching as well. I’m gonna miss all of our jokes we had and the locker room talks during halftime and at the end of games.” Jordyn plans to attend the University of Arkansas Fort Smith and major in Dental Hygiene.

Carlee Parrish

Planning to go to nursing school and get her ASN or BSN after high school is compassionate to the core, Carlee Parrish who has been playing basketball since Little League. “It has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl to go into the medical field. My final thoughts on the game against Cotter were that they were good, they had a good defense and they had an offense, but they also had good sportsmanship. So when they played their Regional Tournament at our gym I was 100% rooting for them. My favorite memory from this season would have to be when I stole the ball against Booneville and then dumped it down to Jordyn who then made the layup. I was so proud that we had such great teamwork!”

Former and present Lady Rattlers with Coach Loyd

“I will definitely miss us hanging out and going to eat before games. I know this is going to sound weird but I will also miss how we could take our anger out on the court and then going into the locker room and act like nothing ever happened. We were all buddies in the end. And I will for sure miss Coach Loyd giving me a hard time about anything and everything!” Carlee concluded.

And looking to go to college to be an OTA, is no holds barred, Raymie Davis. Raymie has been playing basketball since she was 4 years old. “In our game against Cotter, I was upset that it was our last game but I was proud of the Lady Warriors. They were a really talented team! It’s sad saying goodbye to basketball because I really loved getting to create bonds with my teammates and new friendships that will last forever. I’ll definitely miss seeing my friends every day and picking on Coach Loyd!”

Photos courtesy of Amber Canada and the Magazine School District

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