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Sr Pirates Send Lavaca Home Quivering

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Pictured is #62 Taylor Humble and #68 Nathaniel Smith

After Friday nights incredible 46-14 victory over the Lavaca Golden Arrows, the Cedarville Sr High Pirates remain undefeated 4-0. As the Arrows went to Cedarville looking for a win, the Pirates had other plans in mind. Since the start of the season, every opponent that has faced Cedarville has had the same idea as Lavaca and like Lavaca found out, every opponent has walked away with a rude awakening. The entire Pirate community spent the first half of the game on their feet cheering their hearts out due to the fact that Cedarville earned every.single.point. in the first two-quarters of the game. In just four games, the Pirates have accumulated 176 points while holding their competitors to just 46. Since the season has started, one thing has been clear. Whatever is in the Pirates water, is working for the 2020 squad.

#35 Hayden Partain

According to coach, Max Washausen, one thing that stands out from Friday nights game was that “It was a team effort! We had 8 players carry the ball for a total of 400-yards. Cody Dickens passed for 102-yards and Tommy Metcalf made plays all over the field.” Darryl Kattich exited the game with 16 carries for 148-yards, 3TDs, 7 tackles, and 1 TFL. Hayden Partain had 6 carries for 53-yards and a TD. Hayden Morton earned 2 carries for 51-yards, 1 TD, and 6 tackles. Tommy Metcalf obtained 1 carry for 19-yards 1 TD, 1 tackle, and 2 knocked-down passes as well as 2 receptions for 61-yards gaining him 500 total yards of offense. Kelin Mitchell snagged 3 carries for 36-yards. Max McGill knocked out 6 tackles and 1 TFL. And Bruce Turney picked-up 5 tackles, 1 sack, and 1 TFL.

#22 Darryl Kattich

Upcoming for this Friday night’s away football match for the Sr Pirates will be 3A conference rivals the Charleston Tigers. Last year, Cedarville fell short to the Tigers with a score of 27-18. “The Charleston game is a program changer. We have to believe we can do it. We have a group of winners and I want those guys to accomplish something that hasn’t happened since 1985. We have a lot to prove and I believe in my guys!” Program changer is right. But with the way the Pirates have been playing this season, it’s looking like the tide could be changing.

#10 Lane Hightower and #71 Zach Heaton

Photos courtesy of Rhonda Ridgway

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