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SRO Talks School Safety

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School Resource Officer Gary Clepper has spent the last 12 years with the children and staff at the Waldron School District. With his years of dedication to the police force, and extensive training, Clepper could have assumed many high ranking positions, yet chose to remain as a SRO. There is but one obvious reason, he has a heart for the kids.

This SWAT trained officer shared his heart’s mission:
1. The safety of the kids and staff.
2. Fighting the drug problem.

Clepper works hard to keep the staff and kids trained on what to do in emergencies. He also teaches active shooter classes outside the district.

He recently attended the Safe School Convention. Here, Clepper said, they focused on many different topics including the growing vaping problem. “It’s a real problem,” added Clepper. “There is no regulation to it, and these kids don’t know what that stuff is made of.”

As back to school time nears, he is anxious to see the new and familiar faces. In order to have a smooth and safe transition, Clepper offers the following safety guidelines:

  • Remember schools are a cell phone free zone.
  • The school is also a smoke-free zone. Even in your car, or at a bus stop, you are on school property and cannot light up.
  • Children should be at the bus stop, and out of the road. Clepper said he has had issues with kids playing in the road, which is a danger.
  • There is a ZERO tolerance for people running past stopped busses. “You will get a ticket,” stated Clepper.

“I’m ready for school to start back, I miss these kids. And, to some I’m all they have.” With Clepper’s heart and passion for his work, it’s safe to say that the Waldron School District is in good hands!

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