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The WCFL Week 3 Was A Sight To See

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With a 2020 seven-game regular season where every team plays every team, last Saturday closed out what could be called the halfway point of WCFL Football. With four weeks left that will include rivalry week programs, there is still plenty of time for programs to do some jockeying for a coveted playoff seed. After the close of Week3 last week, every program is still in the hunt for one of those six coveted playoff spots.

Mansfield vs Lavaca. Photo by Karen Nichols-Campbell

The Mansfield Tigers loaded up their high octane offense and traveled to Lavaca to try to keep their undefeated record intact. The Tigers pulled off a 32-8 win in their 3rd and 4th grade game and won 24-0 in the 5th and 6th grade game. The scores may seem like these were short games, but according to Mansfield’s WCFL Representative, David Moore, that wasn’t the case. “The scores don’t exactly reflect the games,” Moore said. “Lavaca was a very tough opponent. They were big and fast and our players had to fight hard for every yard and tackle they made.” With the wins over the Golden Arrows, Mansfield improves to 3-0 on the season for both of their teams while Lavaca slips to 1-1 on the 5th and 6th grade side and 0-2 for the 3rd and 4th grade. Lavaca will have a makeup game against Cedarville on Tuesday, October 6th.

Photo by Joanna James. Mansfield vs Lavaca

Speaking of Cedarville, the Pirates welcomed Magazine to the Pirates Sea last Saturday. Cedarville agreed to play an eight-man 3rd and 4th grade contact game with the Rattlers due to Magazine being short on players. The Pirates won the game 36-0 but the win wasn’t the big story. The fact that the Rattlers were able to take snaps, run with the ball, and make tackles in a game was the big story. Magazine could have folded up shop on the season due to low numbers and Cedarville didn’t have to agree to play 8 man. But the programs are all about the players and every kid on both teams put in the work, so win, lose, or draw, this was an overall win. Cedarville then took the field against the Rattlers in the 5th and 6th grade game and dodged the snake bites to the left and right to come out on top 24-0. The victory puts the Pirates at 1-1 on the season and a four-way tie for third currently. That tie will narrow on one side or the other though as the Pirates square off with Lavaca for a makeup game next Tuesday.

Magazine vs Cedarville. Photo by Brian Mott

The West Fork Tigers rolled in Rebel territory Saturday looking to raid JC Westside’s camp of victories. The Rebels on the other hand were prepared for the Tigers as the two programs battled it out to secure a victory each. In the 3rd and 4th grade game, JC Westside was able to shut out the Tigers speedy offense. The Rebels defense grabbed the Tigers by the tail leaving West Fork with a goose egg on the scoreboard. The victory wasn’t a walk in the park by any means though. West Forks defense bowed up on multiple occasions to hold the Rebels at bay and make multiple tackles behind the line of scrimmage. The Tigers running back, Kyler Doss, broke some big runs, but West Fork couldn’t punch it in for a score. Unfortunately for West Fork, the Rebels all-star running backs, Blake Cook and Jimmy Johnson, were led by their bulldozer linemen to put up a score each leading JC Westside to a 14-0 victory.

Photo by Tara Jones. JC Westside vs West Fork 3/4 Grade

The Tiger vs Rebels 5th and 6th grade game was not so easy to cut for either team. Like two heavyweight champions going at it in the ring, both teams went toe to toe with each other for what could be the game of the year. It was West Fork who was able to find the weaknesses quicker though as the Tigers walked away with a 22-18 win. Aiden Stanton and Parker Smith were the Tigers offensive workhorses as they grinded against the Rebels stout defense all night. Stanton, Parker, and Robbie Preston were able to get West Fork into the end zone. But it was the defense who kept West Fork in the game. West Fork coach, Rob Preston, said “Our defense stepped up when we needed it the most but credit to the offense for doing their job all night. JC has some very talented and great athletes so the game wasn’t easy by any means. Carson Jones came up with a game-ending interception to end the game for the second week in a row. We’re very proud of this squad and their effort.”

Hackett and Mountainburg were on the card to play Saturday also, but the game was postponed. They will meet up in Mountainburg on the Dragons Lair gridiron for a makeup game on Tuesday, October 6th.

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