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Types of Equipment You Need on Your Farm

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Maintenance is essential to running a small farm. To keep up with your farm’s maintenance needs, there are a few essential pieces of equipment you’ll need to have the best farm in town.   

Here are a few types of equipment you need on your farm.  

A Pickup Truck  

Pickups are built for hauling, whether it’s a load in the truck bed or a trailer on the hitch. A truck is also best equipped for hauling heavier loads that a traditional vehicle can’t, such as building supplies, fencing, tools, feed, and trailers.   

As a farmer, you can’t let the weather stop you from doing your job. Pickups are usually equipped with four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, which is a necessity for dealing with muddy, snowy, or wet weather. 

A Utility Vehicle  

UTVs offer many of the same benefits of a truck, just at a smaller scale and a lower expense. For spots on your farm you can’t quite reach with your pickup, UTVs come in handy. With a cargo box, hitch, low center of gravity, lightweight body, and rugged tires, a UTV can go anywhere a pickup can go and beyond.   

UTVs can even be equipped with a trailer attachment to haul supplies around like a pickup truck.   


To keep your farm going, you’re going to need a few tractors. The best types of tractors to invest in for your farm are a utility tractor and lawn tractor.   

Compact utility tractors are smaller than traditional tractors but still have the equivalent horsepower for heavy lifting. With a quick hitch on both the front and back, you can add any accessory you need, including a mower, box blade, box scraper, aerator, mulch finisher, or rear blade on the back. These attachments make these tractors extremely versatile.  

If you have a smaller acreage or a lot of lawn, a lawn tractor can provide a more manicured look than a compact tractor with a mower attachment.   

Lawn tractors are bigger than riding mowers but don’t disturb the turf like compact utility tractors. You can even put a blade or shovel on the front for the tough jobs a compact tractor might normally handle. 

UTV and Tractor Attachments  

There are numerous attachments you’ll want to consider for your farming equipment. As previously mentioned, trailer attachments, front-end loader attachments, and blades are a few must-have attachments for your UTV or tractors.  

Basic Tools  

When running a small farm, stocking up on the necessities is the perfect starting point before investing in large and expensive harvesting tools. Add tools such as shovels, rotary tillers, a post hole digger, rakes, and hoes to your tool collection.   

There are many types of equipment you need on your farm to keep it up and running. Having the right vehicles and basic tools is a good place to start for a small farm; after all, it’s never too early to start planning and preparing.   

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