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Ways to Keep Your Living Room Clean

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Cleaning your living room is already a chore that you may not enjoy all that much. But there may also be certain aspects of your setup that prevent you from attaining the neat look you’re after. Perhaps the living room has areas that are extra-difficult to tidy up, or maybe you have trouble with miscellaneous items collecting on your coffee table over time. Read on and see if any of the ways to keep your living room clean we offer here can help you.

Have Set Storage for Items

Many people have the habit of placing papers, books, and magazines around the living room and leaving them there for long periods of time. If you are one of them, you should set dedicated storage areas for these kinds of items so that they don’t become clutter. While it’s a simpler matter to throw away snack wrappers and other pieces of trash immediately, you may want to return to those books or papers later. By having baskets under a table or on a shelf, you can place them out of sight in the meantime, and your living room will look much more orderly.

Reduce the Number of Decorations

Decorations are necessary to give your living room personality, but too many can make it harder when it comes time to dust and wipe down the surfaces they sit on. Because of this, one way to keep your living room clean is to reduce the number of decorations you keep there. You might have multiples of a single type of jar, potted plant, or sculpture that you can reduce to clear up the space. It’s also possible that you’ve covered every mantel and tabletop with many different decorative pieces. Pick out those that are most important to you or that you like the best, and keep those out. Put the rest away. You can rotate decoration periodically if you want, keeping the number of decorations out at a given time to a minimum. With this done, you won’t need to pick up and move multitudes of belongings just to clean.

Know How to Cleanse Fibers

You may have trouble keeping your sofa and rug clean because they are composed of woven fabric and pile fibers. This makes it easy for them to absorb staining liquids, but you can’t typically throw them in the washing machine like you can with clothes. To keep your living room clean, though, you shouldn’t neglect these pieces, since they play such a large role in the space. Check what the manufacturer recommends you do to clean stains. Often, they may instruct you to brush or spot-clean with a specific cleaning agent, but some may be even more particular if the material is delicate. For instance, cleaning a wool rug is much more involved than cleaning one made of plastic-derived fibers.

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