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100 Families: Restoring Hope

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On Monday, February 25, Sebastian County Sheriff Hobe Runion joined 20 other businesses and organizations in pledging to work together, assisting families within the River Valley.

The 100 Families initiative is committed to restoring hope. The leaders of the organization have designed a plan to make an impact within the community. This plan “partners training agencies on a collaborative case management system to respond when a family is in crisis.”

The goal of these combined resources is to move families from crisis to career. These families will be engaged by any provider in the partnership, and under case management through “care teams,” consisting of multiple organizations.

They can be referred from any agency partners such as the prison, district court, schools or juvenile court. Once in the program, families can benefit from employment or recovery coaches. They will be provided with opportunities to build life skills and can be assisted in finding employment.

Through assessment, basic needs are addressed. This would include nutritional needs, clothing and shelter. Next, providing hope by teaching a renewed mindset. Wellness and recovery are also part of the approach. Lastly, employment and education.

“This Declaration of Participation was ceremonial, but it was all the players saying we will be involved in helping with this,” stated Runion.

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