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Mercy Postpones Elective Procedures, Surgeries and Imaging

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Mercy sent out an email today, Tuesday, March 23, notifying patients that they are postponing all elective procedures, surgeries and imaging services. This in an effort to prepare for a “possible surge of patients as the number of COVID-19 cases increases across the country.”

Mercy also notified patients that “…due to a limited number of COVID-19 testing supplies across the U.S., only patients who are very ill and meet CDC issued COVID-19 criteria are currently being tested.”

They recommended that peoepl who are ill, follow the guidelines setforth by the CDC:

  • People with mild respiratory symptoms should stay home. If you become more ill, reach out to your doctor by telephone and let them know your symptoms. They may want to arrange for you to be tested for influenza.
  • If you test negative for flu, you should treat the illness as though it’s COVID-19 and, if your symptoms are manageable, immediately self-isolate. Stay away from family members and don’t go out in the public.
  • If symptoms are severe, like difficulty breathing, call your nearest ER and let them know you’re on your way and what your symptoms are.
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