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Used Decoys? Consider Donating Them to AGFC

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Now that the regular duck season has come to a close, have you got some duck decoys that are ready for retirement? Don’t just toss them for the trash heap. There’s a place waiting for them that could help younger hunters down the road.

Eric Maynard, the AGFC’s assistant chief of education, has devised a solution to the situation of old decoys just sitting around or in need of a new home — the AGFC decoy adoption center.

Maynard’s “center” is really the bed of a pickup serving for a dropoff location, but thanks to volunteers who have donated their used decoys, Maynard and other members of the AGFC’s Education Division have been able to rehome these “outdated” dekes in the hands of aspiring duck hunters and birders participating in educational programs.

“We’ve done programs involving decoys for years, from duck identification to conservation and hunting techniques, and decoy painting always is a hit with new hunters and conservationists,” Maynard said. “We are always on the lookout for used decoys our participants can paint and take home with them.”

Anyone interested in donating their old decoys to the AGFC for educational purposes is encouraged to contact Maynard at [email protected], and he can make arrangements to have them picked up. 

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Tammy Teague
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